You evoke the experience and its terrors viscerally. I had dozens of episodes of sleep paralysis over about ten years, starting in my early 20’s. I didn’t do anything to stop them, they just stopped and haven’t come back, thank the gods.

The first time, I was sleeping on my stomach with my head turned over my left shoulder. I woke to the sensation that someone lifted the covers to my right and laid down beside me. Then a tingling, buzzing sensation enveloped my body and I knew I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even move my jaw to scream or speak. I lay there terrified and asked in my mind who or what was attacking me. I believed in many things paranormal and thought it was the evil act of some malevolent entity. The sensation slowly dissipated over about ten minutes.

It then happened every month or two over a decade. I didn’t know it as sleep paralysis until near the end. It may have been the knowledge that helped end it, I don’t know. But the literature says it tends to stop as a person ages.

Not helpful advice, I know. I hated them as well and I’m grateful to be free of them since.

Be Well.

“Heaven is a library of every book ever written, eternity to sit and read, and a bottomless cup of the best coffee.”

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